Groove Workshop: Josh Freese Hot Licks

Josh Freese Hot Licks

Josh Freese

While Josh Freese clearly has chops, he has two other much more important qualities that keep getting him hired time and time again – groove and taste. He knows when to be aggressive and when to make like Ringo, by unobtrusively supporting the song and staying out of its way. He even often manages to do both at the same time. Groove is the rule here. These song excerpts from various sessions prove it.

“My Brother is Gay” from Internet Dating Superstuds by The Vandals
The punk group, The Vandals, show a completely different side of Freese’s drumming. His approach to these tunes can be described as angry, primal, simple, and fast. Most of the tunes are under three minutes on this disc and he plays a variety of complementary power punk grooves. On “My Brother Is Gay” he bashes out a simple and quick tom-tom bass drum barrage throughout the verses and then moves his right hand to his crash cymbal for the choruses. Simple, but it fits the tune perfectly.

Josh Freese
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