Groove Workshop: Josh Freese Hot Licks

“All In Wait” and “Control It” from Shadow Zone by Static-X
Static-X’s music is heavy rock with industrial overtones. Freese plays a driving double-bass groove in the verse of the song “All In Wait,” which happens later in the song, kicking the intensity up a notch. The intro to the song “Control It” features a syncopated rhythm with choked cymbal crashes that culminates with an unexpected bass drum ruff to a snare hit on the and of 3 in the fourth measure. The syncopated two-handed sixteenth-note groove that Freese plays also has with a kick on the & of 3 every four bars that cleverly kicks the rhythm guitar parts.

Josh Freese

“Gravity” from Thirteenth Step by A Perfect Circle
This tune is another example of Freese’s subtle approach to odd time signatures. Rather than hit you over the head with the oddness of the meter, he flows with it. If you aren’t counting you might not notice most of the song is in 7/4. The hi-hat part in the verse is reminiscent of Danny Carey, and adds another layer of interest to the groove. The bridge offers more time signature changes with a section in 3/4 followed by a couple of measures in 6/4 that just feel right.

Josh Freese
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