June Rhythm Quiz: Writing Quintuplets

June Rhythm Quiz:

As you might remember from the very first Rhythm Quiz, there are ways to write a quintuplet over three quarter notes using 5:3 or 5:6 ratio, but there is another neat way as well.

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May Rhythm Quiz Answer:
What Metric modulation will make the tempo of quarter notes jump from 105 bpm to 120 bpm?
Double Dotted Eight Note

Here is how and why:
The original tempo is a quarter note at 105 bpm
The new tempo we want to get is a quarter note at 120 bpm

105/120 = 7/8
That means that the new tempo of a quarter note is as fast as 7/8 (not seven eighth notes, but the fraction 7/8) of a quarter note from the first measure. There are eight 32nd notes in a quarter note but what note is as long as 7 of them? A Double Dotted Eighth Note.

You could always use this formula similar to dotted notes:
Dotted Notes:

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Double Dotted Notes:

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