Keith Moon Hot Licks: Miraculous Thrashing

“My Generation”
from The Who Sings My Generation
The lyrical irony of this song is that it has succinctly captured the teenage angst and arrogance of every generation since it was written more than 40 years ago. Moon plays a groove with a hint of swing that, along with John Entwistle’s bass line, gives the song its driving bounce. If your band ever covers this song, remember that triplet fills will work every time.

“Won’t Get Fooled Again”
from Who’s Next
This Who anthem features an early use of a synthesized sequencer and some of Moon’s best-known fills. At the drum entrance, he plays a big crash on 1 and then holds back until the & of 1 in the next bar, using the upbeat syncopation to set up his fills. He repeats the idea and incorporates his toms in his groove in the four bars before the verse. There’s a drum break with fills played over the sequencer later in the song, where Moon plays fills phrased in threes over the top of his eighth-note bass drum pattern, which creates an interesting polyrhythmic feel that perfectly sets up singer Roger Daltry’s famous rock scream.

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