Matt Byrne: Left Hand/Left Foot Independence

Left Hand/Left Foot Independence

This month, I’ve provided some beats that focus on two concepts: 1) Working the left hand on the snare, and 2) Improving the independence of the left foot on the hi-hat. The first set of beats works sixteenth-notes between the kick drum, hi-hat, and snare. This is great to work on with a metronome to improve strength and technique in your left hand (right hand if you’re a lefty), while learning to keep rigid time. Next we move to a similar beat, except now we incorporate ghost notes on the snare, as well as the left foot on the hi-hat at the top of every beat. Lastly, we use a beat that is the combination of the first two beats. Here, we displace the left-foot hi-hat hits. These may be somewhat frustrating at first, but that’s part of the fun. I promise.

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