Rich Redmond: Linear Hand Patterns

Linear Hand Patterns

What’s up rockers? My favorite sticking patterns come from the first column of exercises in George Lawrence Stone’s famous book Stick Control. These actually are the exercises I warm up with an hour before every show and are also great for developing grooves and solos. Exs. 2 and 3 show two of my favorite sticking patterns you can divide between the snare drum and the hi-hat to create a linear feel.

Add the kick drum on beats 1 and 3 and you will have a souped-up money beat that is funkier than ever! Drummers like the great David Garibaldi popularized this style and made it look so easy.

Always subdivide and internalize the pulse to keep it solid and funky! Practice these at all tempos and dynamics with a metronome and a band.

Rich Redmond
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