Matt Byrne: Swinging In Seven

This month, we’re going to wrap up the “swing feel” exercises by switching the beats up a bit. We will still be playing with swing, however, in these particular beats we are dropping the snare and playing in the odd time of 7/4. No worries! You can do this!

The back beat comes from the ride, kick, and hi-hat foot. I recommend playing at 130—160 bpm tempo. Once you’ve mastered that, take it to whatever speed you desire. Remember to memorize the exercise as you repeat it. This way, you can begin to concentrate wholly on what you’re doing and gain/retain more of the essence of the exercise. Accent the first note of each group to mark the start of a new measure and have the odd feel really stand out. Keep repeating the beats until a casual swing develops.

DRUM! Notation Guide

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