Tiger Bill Lesson: Drum Set Speed Part 1

Increase Your Speed Around The Drumset: Part 1

Based on questions I've received over the years, one of the most common problems drummers have is the inability to move around their drumset with the same skill they have when playing on a practice pad. If you share this problem, you'll benefit from this lesson. It's the first in a 3-part series designed to help you move around your kit with the same ease and speed that you are capable of when playing on a single surface.

Video Lesson

There are two ways to move around the drumset when playing high-speed fills and solos - the easy way and the hard way! The easy way uses economy of motion, which gives you the utmost efficiency. The hard way not only causes you to expend much more energy than necessary, it can also cause repetitive motion injuries that may become permanent. After studying the written exercises, watch the video clip carefully as I demonstrate both inefficient and efficient approaches to moving around the drumset.

Training Tips

When practicing, start slowly until you build the correct movements into your muscle memory. Then gradually increase your speed while remaining continually aware of any tension that may build up in your wrists or arms. In my experience teaching thousands of drummers, the reason most of them subconsciously grip their sticks too tightly when playing on a drumset is due to a fear of dropping a stick while performing in front of an audience. If this is a problem for you, in addition to studying this 3-part lesson series, I suggest you attach a stick holder or two in various strategic positions on your drumset. This will help you get over any fear of being able to quickly recover from a dropped stick without having to resort to a death grip!

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Until next time: Stay loose and have fun!

Tiger Bill Meligari