Matt Byrne: Metalized Linear Drum ‘N’ Bass

Metalized Linear Drum 'N' Bass

This month, we’re going to do something completely out of left field for a metal guy: We are going to work on some linear drum ’n’ bass grooves. I’ve touched on some linear stuff in the past but never really incorporated into break beats or more syncopated, groove back beats. The drum ’n’ bass style is typically electronic-based and is usually programmed with samplers, drum machines, etc. Tempos can range from very fast to mid-tempo, in-the-pocket beats. The sound of the drums is different, as well. Usually the snare is tuned very high and tight and a smaller hi-hat is used. Practice these beats with a metronome at a slower tempo before taking them up to warp speed. The idea is to achieve a deep pocket and a strong back beat.

Matt Byrne June 2011
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