Mike Cosgrove: Perplexing Paradiddles

Mike Cosgrove: Perplexing Paradiddles

By Mke Cosgrove
Orignally published in DRUM! Magazine's April 2005 Issue

This month’s exercises are similar to the paradiddle exercises we did a couple issues ago, only the paradiddle is inverted. There are four inversions and this is one.

The backbeat is still on 2 and 4, and the original sticking starts on the ah or last sixteenth of the first beat. In order to develop a comfortable feel and flow, pay attention to your upstrokes, downstrokes, and overall technique. Be sure to keep time with your hi-hat; first on the quarters, then on just the and, and finally on the eighths.

After you get through the exercises, try improvising different bass drum patterns. Also, try putting two or more of the exercises in sequence for longer and more challenging phrases. Move the sticking to different surfaces: toms, rims, cymbals, cowbells, it all works ... have fun, wee!

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