More Fun With Fanga

More Fun With Fanga

By Jim Donovan Published in the March 2006 issue of DRUM!

This is a continuation of my last lesson that will bring us a bit deeper into a drum-set adaptation for the popular West African piece known as fanga. Learn each measure of Exs. 1–4 one at a time, and then begin combining the measures with each other. Try creating two-bar, four-bar, and eventually eight-bar phrases. You may finds it helps to learn the patterns without the accents first. Once you’re comfortable with each pattern, add the accents. Train your muscles at slow speeds to gain maximum dexterity. Good luck.

More Fun With Fanga Exercises

Jim Donovan is a current and founding member of the multiplatinum band Rusted Root. He has released three solo CDs as well as four instructional drumming CDs.

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