Matt Byrne: One-Handed Sixteenths

One-Handed Sixteenths

This month, we’re going to work our main hi-hat hand with some sixteenth-note patterns. These beats are pretty straightforward, however, the feel will come from locking in the kick drum and snare with what you are doing with your hi-hat hand. Next, we add some more flavor by opening the hats at specific points within the patterns. The great thing about these beats is that they can be played straight and hard with a rock feel or a little more dynamically, as in funk music. Either way, the important thing to remember is to only use one hand on the hats, even though it may feel more natural to play sixteenth-notes alternating between the left and right. With these beats, we are focusing on building up endurance in one hand.

Matt Byrne, One-Handed Sixteenths
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