Paradiddle-diddle Augmentation Ideas

Paradidile-diddles are a favorite triplet-flavored lick of mine. Ex. 1 shows the standard right-lead paradiddle-diddle in an eighth-note triplet setting. Practicing this alone will serve to beef up your chops and sticking vocabulary. You should also practice the left-lead version as well by reversing the stickings. But for purposes of orchestration around the kit, we are dealing here with the right-lead version only. In Exs. 2 and 3 you’ll see that sticking pattern augmented by adding a double stroke on the bass drum at the end of the pattern, which creates an eight-note pattern. You can see this pattern fits nicely when played twice in a 4/4 measure as sixteenth-notes. Then, when we up the rate to sixteenth-note triplets, you can see the six-note standard paradiddle-diddle sticking fits four times in a measure, as in Exs. 4 and 5. Or the augmented eight-note pattern fits nicely three times in a measure, as in Exs. 6 and 7. Have fun with these and come up with your own orchestrations.

DRUM! Notation Guide

wally schnalle

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