Photo Lesson: Efficiency Of Motion

Photo Lesson: Efficiency Of Motion

By John Natelli Reprinted from the January 2007 issue of DRUM! Magazine

An important part of drumming is learning to play without wasting energy. Let’s take a look at a typical drum setup and how to efficiently move from one drum to the next.

1. Start off with sticks in your hands. Your arms should be relaxed at your sides.

2. From the elbows, lift your arms until your sticks are in playing position. You want your snare to be at the height where the sticks naturally fall.

3. Slowly move your hands up to the toms, keeping the sticks below the center of the heads. Overextending is a waste of energy.

4. Your floor tom should be about the same height as your snare — again, where your sticks naturally fall.

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