Schnalle Method: Playing With Paradiddles

Playing With Paradiddles

In this month’s column, we’re going to play around with multiaccent paradiddles. Ex. 1 is the traditional single paradiddle with one accent. Exs. 2—3 are double and triple paradiddles with extra accents as indicated. In Ex. 4, try mixing the paradiddles together in the following series: two doubles, one triple, one single, and one more triple. Be sure to add the hi-hat on 2 and 4 so that you have a reference for keeping solid time. Once you can play that comfortably, you’re ready for the fun part. In Exs. 5—6, take the accents and move them onto toms and a crash cymbal along with the bass drum. Also try applying multiaccent paradiddles around the rest of your kit.

Wally Schnalle
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