Terence Higgins: Pushing The Paradiddle

Pushing The Paradiddle

By Terence Higgins Originally Published In DRUM! Magazine's January 2009 Issue

“Locomotive, locomotive!” Remember that old mnemonic for the paradiddle that our beginning music teachers taught us? Well, the diddle has come a long way since then. The paradiddle is a basic fundamental rudiment that can be very effective and useful when applied to the drum set. Here are a few exercises that have helped me in my development and facility and have added a little more vocabulary to repertoire. These one- and two-bar figures contains double-stroke patterns, as well as single, double, and inverted paradiddles, and should be played with alternating sticking when possible. Notice the two-bar figures are written over the bar line and create odd grouping permutations within the pattern. Feel free to move these patterns around the kit to come up with your own combinations.

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