Matt Byrne: Put Some Funk In Your Hat

Put Some Funk In Your Hat

By Matt Byrne Originally Published In DRUM! Magazine's July 2010 Issue

Let’s work on some rocking beats that have a distinct David Garibaldi “funk” feel to them. You probably know from some of my past lessons that I’m a huge Garibaldi fan! Overall, these are straightforward sixteenth-note beats. However, they present an excellent hip-hop-style groove between the snare and kick drum, as the hi-hat pulls them both together. Remember to apply a “two-sound-level” concept to your hands: Accented notes are played loudly; non-accented notes are played as ghost notes or just a bit softer than the accented. As you become comfortable with these beats, try not to play them so “staccatto.” Begin to swing the hi-hat and increase the speed a little bit. That’s where the funk comes from.

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