Rich Redmond: Classic Rock Fills

Listen to the rock music from 1970 to 1979 and you will hear these fill concepts all over the place. Check out Rod Stewart’s “Hot Legs” with Carmine Appice on drums and Foreigner’s “Double Vision” with Dennis Elliott on drums.

You can make these fills swing even if you are playing in a rock band. The challenge is to make each note speak clearly and to not rush. Be sure to subdivide the beat and count. Practice with a metronome at a wide range of tempos and play along with records from that era. Check out classic rock drum solos from the ’70s (Carmine, Bonham, Moon, Bunker) and you will notice that these rhythms are actual templates for full-length arena rock drum solos. Experiment with incorporating these rhythms into other styles of music (jazz, pop, etc.). Have fun, be creative and always play from the heart!

DRUM! Notation Guide

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