Rich Redmond: Two Are Better Than One

Lots of young drummers are obsessed with double bass speed. For the drummer new to double bass, you can achieve awesome jaw-dropping fills by incorporating quick two-beat bursts into your fills. Our “Building Block” exercises focus on inserting two alternating thirty-second-notes into various sixteenth-note hand permutations. These will serve as the basis for developing ultra-cool power fills that can be applied in rock, funk, fusion, and metal circles. I even use them in some high-energy moments with the Jason Aldean Band.

Practice all of these slowly at first with a metronome. For maximum flexibility, practice them at all dynamic levels. Make sure your non-primary foot speaks as equally and precisely as your primary foot. Practice these concepts until you are blue in the face and wait for the perfect musical moment to unleash this beast. There is nothing worse than unwarranted use of double bass. Party foul!

DRUM! Notation Guide

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