Rich Redmond’s Groove Builder Video Exercises

By Rich Redmond
Published on August 4, 2010

Do you want to make every beat count? Using simple exercises, Nashville studio and touring hotshot Rich Redmond demonstrates how to make your grooves dynamically fatter by combining accented strokes and ghosted taps. His secret combines drumming mechanics and basic musicianship to add more muscle to your groove.

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  • I just signed up for this new site and I already love it after watching it for the first time. I’ve been playing for a long time but I’m sure that I will learn something new. Every little bit helps. Thanks DRUM MAGAZINE. Oh yes, I also love your magazine.
                            From Hamburg N.Y.
                                        Don B.

  • @tama1 - Welcome and thank you! If you are looking for an even better experience here’s our #1 tip. Let us know how we can help you become a better drummer and or have more fun with the community. Comments are great but don’t forget we have forums as we. http://www.drummagazine.com/forums/

    Again. Welcome!