Richie “Gajate” Garcia: Tearing It Up On Timbales

This will be a non-traditional timbale pattern that requires you to add a tambourine to your setup. I sometimes use a setup that contains a cha cha bell, Black Beauty mambo bell (for its sound), a jam block, and a mounted tambourine. I then will place one of my Sabian “El Rayo” cymbals on the 14" or 15" drum, which will create a white noise trashy sound. This combination of sounds works great for funk or hip-hop music.

In order for this sticking to work, your setup should be mounted on the cowbell post like this: the mambo bell to the right, the cha cha bell to the right slightly above the mambo bell, the jam block to the left opposite the mambo bell, the “El Rayo” cymbal or any cymbal that can be placed on the 14" or 15" timbale, and a tambourine mounted to the left over the large timbale drum. You can change it around as you please.