Richie Hayward: Musical Magic Lives On

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“Fat Man In The Bathtub”
This classic Little Feat tune has an accented sixteenth-note snare drum and percussion intro that leads into a very unusual groove used for the verse and chorus. This pattern is a variation of a second-line groove, which are common throughout Little Feat’s discography. For this groove, Hayward puts snare accents on the & of 2 and 4 and usually plays his bass drum on 1 & and the ah of 4, but often varies the rest of it. Counting is helpful to catch the 2/4 measure in the third line; without it, you’ll flip the beat.

Richie Hayward

“Easily Lead”
Robert Plant’s Shaken N’ Stirred album brought Hayward’s incredible talent to the attention of a much larger audience. His muscular drumming is stellar throughout the disc, with fills and grooves worth studying for any drummer wanting to add some new and tasty ideas to their playing. “Easily Lead” has a fast tempo and an unusual groove that seems to have a slight reggae flavor due to the way he’d omit the bass drum on some of the downbeats yet also doubles the snare notes with them. The fills in this track are blistering.

Richie Hayward

“Trouble Your Money”
This is another track from the Shaken N’ Stirred album and here Hayward plays a tasty rim-click groove that I’ve borrowed and used more times than I can count. Try using a sticking of LRRL for the notes during beat 3. He gets several drum breaks on this track and each is inspiring and massive. This disc should be in every rock drummer’s collection.

Richie Hayward
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