How To Play In The Style Of Sean Kinney

sean kinney

Fans of Alice In Chains should love their new record The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. This disc brings back the grungy vibe of the original band with all the metal heaviness their fans crave. Sean Kinney never disappoints and once again creates slamming parts for each song.


For the anthemic song “Hollow,” Kinney plays two powerful grooves in 6/4. For the intro/chorus section he keeps the snare on 2, 4, and 6, but for the verse he gives the groove a heavier, slower, funkier feel by moving the snare part to 3 and 6 (halftime feel in 6) and varying the bass drum part.

DRUM! Notation Guide

sean kinney

Click here to watch a video drum lesson in which Nate Brown demonstrates how to play Sean Kinney’s drum part on “Hollow.”

“Phantom Limb”

This one sounds much like classic AIC. Kinney begins with a jungle tom pattern but quickly switches to a crashing cymbal part over bass notes that accent the e of 4. At the verse, he outlines a similar though sparser groove with the same syncopated (4) e kick drum accent.

sean kinney
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