Sean Reinert: Auditory Illusions

Cynic is not your typical metal band and Sean Reinert isn’t your typical metal drummer. The bandmembers fuse several styles to create their unique sound – mainly fusion and metal. Surprisingly, in their hybrid style Reinert often uses ghost notes and double bass at once. He sometimes lightly dusts his snare drum or hi-hat with soft notes while throwing tom accents on top, creating grooves that closely resemble world music patterns. Drum Entrance Reinert uses smaller toms than many metal drummers, which helps his textural approach the band often plays in odd times, or makes common time signatures sound odd.

This track begins with a sixteenth-note double-bass pattern and cymbal crashes that fall on and off the beat to create an interesting groove that sounds like it is odd-meter but usually stays in 4/4. On this track he uses his crashes and China for accents.

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sean reinert

“Moon Heart Sun Head”
This track is in 12/8, though the accents on 9 and 11 of the time signature, which end each bar, pull the feel towards 6/4. Reinert uses a couple of hi-hats (his auxiliary hi-hat is usually loose) on his kit and moves between them to create the constant and often-subtle hi-hat movement. Later, at the three-minute mark, there’s a tempo change and the feel goes to a straight 4/4 power ballad groove that feels great, but then rips thirty-second note tom fills, just so you don’t relax too much.

sean reinert

“The Lion’s Roar”
This cool 12/8 track begins with syncopated offbeat cymbal crashes before settling into a half-time triplet feel. Reinert plays his hi-hat at varying volumes while playing with his pedal pressure, creating an interesting pulsation to the groove. He occasionally drops double bass drum triplets underneath.

sean reinert

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