Sextuplet Chops

Sextuplet Chops

By Wally Schnalle Published in the May 2006 issue of DRUM!

Sextuplets are six-note groupings that fit in the space normally occupied by four notes. The patterns presented here help your hands develop fluidity between single and double strokes in a sextuplet context. Ex. 1 is only singles. Use it to get used to the pattern. It’s one I learned years ago in drum corp. Ex. 2 uses one double stroke per sextuplet creating a double-paradiddle pattern. Exs. 3 and 4 use two double strokes each. Note the paradiddle-diddles in Ex. 3. The last example is all doubles but should sound as clean as the singles. Be sure to play them right- and left-hand lead as the sticking indicates.

Sextuplet Chops Exercises

DRUM! Music Editor Wally Schnalle is a drummer, composer, and teacher based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has performed with Eddie Gale, Ernie Watts, and the San Jose Symphony Orchestra.

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