Terence Higgins: Sextuplet Crossover Fill

Sextuplet Crossover Fill

Organized shed sessions have become a popular trend in the drumming community. In my travels and during my time on the road, I have been invited to join in on a few of these sessions, and I find they can be very useful, informative, and lots of fun. Here’s a fill that’s based on something I picked up at one such shed session. It’s based on the sixteenth-note-triplet fill but written using a sextuplet grouping. This lick is set using the floor tom, snare, hi-hat, and bass drum. It is very important to use the sticking as it is written, at least to get started. The fill starts with the right hand on the hi-hat. Notice the left hand crossover on the floor tom – this is the key to executing this fill effectively.

Terrence Higgins Sextuplet Crossover Fill
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