Schnalle Method: Shuffle Density Part Deux

Shuffle Density Part Deux

By Wally SchnalleOriginally Published In DRUM! Magazine's August 2007 Issue

In a column published August, 2005 (issue #110) titled “Jazz Shuffle Density,” I covered some possibilities for (what else?) the density of cut-time shuffles. By density I’m referring to the amount of stuff going on simultaneously. Sometimes density is determined by the particular musical style, and sometimes by the tempo. As the tempo gets faster, it not only becomes harder to squeeze more stuff, it can also muddy things up. Here are some examples of some standard shuffle grooves. Ex.1 is your shuffle starting point. Be sure and keep the ghost notes quiet. Exs. 2 and 3 drop out bits for faster tempos, with Ex. 3 changing the left-hand pattern completely.

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