Darrin Pfeiffer: Ska Punk Basics

Ska Punk

Ska music – everyone loves it (well, maybe not everyone). This is an introduction to the fundamentals of ska drumming. As you can see, the four-on-the-floor feel is essential. On Ex. 1 the side-stick falls on the 3 and 4, and in Ex. 2 there’s an extra side-stick on the ah of 2. Exs. 3 and 4 expand a bit on this concept with additional side-stickings. Play around with the side-stickings in these examples, and then create your own. Ska drumming is a blast and feels great to play. More on ska to come.

Darrin Pfeiffer

DARRIN PFEIFFER is the drummer for punk band Goldfinger, has his own record label, is a DJ at Canada’s biggest radio station, and is an avid drum teacher. goldfingermusic.com

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