Slice Up Triplets Under A Ride

Slicing Up Triplets

By Wally Schnalle Published in the March 2006 issue of DRUM!

The exercises here use the triplet-based jazz ride pattern on the ride cymbal accompanied by triplet patterns between the bass drum and snare drum. The triplets in Ex. 1 are sliced into two-note patterns with the bass drum playing every other note. Ex. 2 is the obvious choice of splitting triplets into three-note patterns. Ex. 3 has the bass drum playing every fourth note. When you’ve mastered these exercises, try reversing the bass drum and snare.

Slicing Up Triplets Exercises

DRUM! Music Editor Wally Schnalle is a drummer, composer, and teacher based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has performed with Eddie Gale, Ernie Watts, and the San Jose Symphony Orchestra.

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