Speed Lesson #80: Five Stroke Roll - Part 2

Tiger Bill’s Speed Lesson #80: Speeding Up the Five Stroke Roll - Part 2

By Tiger Bill Meligari

Published December 3, 2010

This lesson expands on what we did last month by taking our two five stroke roll patterns around the drumset. The first measure uses the open stroke roll, where we are playing distinct taps and the second measure uses the closed roll. As you work on these you'll find the limiting factor, as far as speed is concerned, to be the last beat of the second measure moving to the first beat of the first measure. The trick is to move cleanly from open strokes into buzzes and vice versa. If you haven't yet mastered these cleanly on a practice pad from last month, you will find any sloppiness greatly magnified when played on the drumset!

Video Lesson

Check out the demonstration video played first slowly and then up to speed. Practice slowly until you can make the transition from open stroke roll and back again cleanly and precisely without tension. Then gradually increase your speed.

Practice Tips

Once you get familiar with these drills you can practice playing all of the odd and even stroke roll rudiments around the drumset. The key is to stay loose and relaxed and not to become tense even while moving around the drums. If you are having trouble playing cleanly without tension, refer to my DVD series on Tension Free Drumming: Hand Technique, which can be found at DrummersWishList.com.

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Until next time: Have fun and stay loose!

Tiger Bill Meligari

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