Stanton Moore: Between Swing & Straight

Ex. 1 is an interesting groove I played on “Go-Go,” the opening track of Galactic’s first record, Coolin’ Off. It’s a fun linear pattern that can help develop coordination as well. I originally played this with the right hand on a muted snare with the snares off, set up to the right of the floor tom. Live, I usually play it on the cowbell. On Ex. 2, note that the right hand cowbell rhythm is the same as the accents in the standard street beat. Ex. 3 gives you some variations you can use as fills or other grooves.

You can try putting the right hand on the small tom, hi-hat, ride cymbal, floor tom, timbales, etc. As usual, try playing these in between straight and swing. Have fun with these and try to come up with your own variations.

DRUM! Notation Guide

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