Hot Licks! Stewart Copeland’s Police Tracks

Outlandos D'Amour

“Can’t Stand Losing You” from Outlandos D’Amour
“Can’t Stand Losing You” begins with a reggae fill and Copeland’s take on a reggae steppers groove that emphasizes the downbeats on the bass drum. He quickly changes it into an unusual groove of his own that begins in the second line. Here he plays his bass drum on & 2 and plays a unison snare and tom hit on count 4. In the fourth line, he chooses a straight-ahead pattern for the prechorus, and in the last two he fills in the bass drum between all the snare notes during the chorus.

Ghost In The Machine

“One World (Not Three)” from Ghost In The Machine
The feel of this up-tempo reggae tune lies in that musically fertile zone between straight and swing, but is notated here as triplets. Copeland plays a straight backbeat with a shuffle cymbal pattern and occasional hi-hat “barks” for the intro and verse sections. The ninth measure has a little fill that fits just perfectly. The chorus has a half-time feel, though he still accents the hi-hat on 2 and 4.

One World (Not Three)
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