Swiss Army Triplets Around The Kit

Swiss Army Triplets Around The Kit

Last month we worked on the Swiss Army Triplet on one surface. This month you’ll learn how to apply it to practical drum set grooves and solo patterns. The first exercise (refer to the music notation) uses the Swiss Army Triplet in a groove. The second exercise applies it to a fill around the drum set.

Video Lesson
Practice each groove and fill pattern separately and slowly at first, just like I demonstrate on the video. Then gradually work them up to speed. After you can easily play both the groove and fill exercises separately, try playing six bars of the groove (Exercise #1) followed by the two-bar fill (Exercise #2) without stopping. This will produce an eight bar phrase.

Practice Key
HH = Hi-Hat
SD = Snare Drum
BD = Bass Drum
ST = Small Tom
FT = Floor Tom

Practice with and without the accents. Note that the traditional Swiss Army Triplet accent has been modified for these exercises.

Create Your Own!

Once you’ve perfected the exercises shown here, it’s only the beginning. Try creating grooves and fill patterns of your own. Anything goes as long as you are using Swiss Army Triplet sticking pattern only.

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Have fun with it, stay loose, and I’ll see you next time.

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