Pro Insight: Terry Bozzio Master Class

Terry Bozzio Master Class

The Ostinato, Double Bass, And Practicing

Terry Bozzio

Terry Bozzio is undeniably one of the top drummers in the world. His incredibly powerful yet technically precise playing and virtuosic double bass facility has made him the choice of Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, UK, the Brecker Brothers, and his ’80s band Missing Persons. He has recorded with dozens of other artists including Duran Duran and Korn. He’s also one of the top clinicians in the world and is the master at soloing over ostinato patterns and, arguably, at playing polyrhythms of any kind. His latest venture is via the educational Web site Drum Channel, where he conducts interviews and jams with other great drummers.

When I learned he was going to be holding a drum clinic at the Drum Pad outside Chicago, I couldn’t pass it up. The clinic was exciting and he performed some incredible jaw-dropping drumming over some complex ostinatos as well as a jazz drumming demonstration on bebop kit. During the clinic someone asked him how he developed such remarkable facility and how he practiced. His answers were so insightful they struck me as being helpful to any of DRUM!’s readers who want to practice more efficiently. We’ve included a few exercises to help.

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