Terence Higgins: The Boogaloo Factor

The Boogaloo Factor

Hey, let’s Boogaloo! So, what is Boogaloo you ask? Boogaloo is a genre of Latin dance music that emerged out of New York City in the 1960s, when young Latin-American musicians who were influenced by rhythm and blues and soul music intermingled with African-American musicians and incorporated these genres with mambo and other popular forms of Afro-Latin rhythms. Even though the boogaloo thing was short lived, this style has resurfaced in recent years in the form of what some people label as acid jazz. The groove itself is built on the driving eighth-note pattern on the ride or hi-hat with syncopated rhythms on the kick and snare. New Orleans drummer Idris Muhammed is one of the finest practitioners of the boogaloo groove playing today. Check out his work with Lou Donaldson and many other artists.

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