Schnalle Method: The Paradiddle Family

The Paradiddle Family

By Wally Schnalle

I’ve been known to preach the paradiddle, especially in my recent columns. And if you’ve read those columns you’ll know that it’s not just because I love that little sticking pattern, but because I love the abilities it gives me. I spend a lot of time experimenting with these patterns all over the kit using all four limbs. This column will introduce you to what I call the “paradiddle family.” It contains the basic paradiddles, some accepted hybrids, as well as some I’ve stumbled upon all by myself. Exs. 1—4 are the standard-issue paradidlles: single, double, triple, and the paradiddle-diddle. Ex. 5 is a double paradiddle-diddle. Exs. 6—8 are paradiddle-taps: single, double, and triple, respectively. Exs. 9 and 10 are single and double pardiddle-diddle taps. But whatever you call them, they provide a great vocabulary for your hands. So get to it!

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