Thomas Pridgen: Manic Mixup

Thomas Pridgen came on the scene quite quickly while still a child in his single digits, and shows no signs of slowing down. He’s always been a very funky and impulsive drummer with some wicked chops. His coordination is impressive and even confusing to view as he often plays linear hi-hat patterns open-handed. Pridgen is also well known for his single bass drum speed and how he flies around his kit like a hummingbird. I've included a Spotify playlist so you can hear the tunes and follow the notation.

“Sunshine Of Your Love”
Pinnick Gales Pridgen
The Pinnick Gale Pridgen band has a deep rock and fusion pedigree and they do a great job with this Cream classic. Like Ginger Baker, Pridgen uses his bass drum as the anchor for the groove, but adds seemingly random floor tom notes and snare and cymbal accents on top. He shows restraint in the beginning of the song, but as it progresses, he lets his ridiculous single-strokes fly.

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thomas pridgen

The Mars Volta
The opening groove from this track features one of Pridgen’s funky beats that sounds as if it’s in an odd time signature due to his unusual hi-hat and snare pattern. His hi-hat mirrors his bass drum pattern at the beginning of each bar, but the end of the measure has more of a Latin soca feel, with snare accenting the (3) ah and (4) & ah.

thomas pridgen

“We Go To War”
The Memorials
This song shifts back and forth between 4/4 and 3/4. Pridgen’s funky groove outlines the rhythmic structure of the guitars and he shifts his cymbal hits to follow the snare in every other bar. Check out Pridgen’s speedy and powerful single-stroked fill through the last four bars.

thomas pridgen

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