Tiger Bill Speed Lesson #75

Tiger Bill's Speed Lesson #75: Single Paradiddle Multi Accent Grid - Part 3 Conclusion

For the past two lessons, we've been practicing the execution of a single and a double accent across single paradiddle sticking. Now it's time to move it to the drum set where it takes on a whole new dynamic and a higher level of difficulty due to the fact that we now have to move around the drums while executing the same sticking and accents. Let's check out the written notation and then the video demonstration that follows.

Video Lesson

Notice how easily I move from one drum to the next while playing all accented notes on a tom and all unaccented notes on the snare drum. To accomplish this, practice slowly at first and gradually gain speed. Never play faster than you can play while maintaining control of each stroke and don't allow your technique to become sloppy as you move around the drums.

Example 1

Reverse Hands For Additional Practice

Once you can perform the written exercise cleanly and up to speed around the drum set, work on it again with the sticking reversed. The key is to try to become as comfortable and relaxed while moving around the drums as you are when you play on a single drum. If you're having trouble doing this, refer to my Web site at www.TensionFreeDrumming.com.

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Until next time: Have fun and stay loose!
Tiger Bill Meligari

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