Tiger Bill’s Speed Lesson #70

Tiger Bill’s Speed Lesson #70: Speedy Jazz Ride Triplet Fill-ins - Part 1

By Tiger Bill Published January 4, 2009

This is one of my favorite accented triplet patterns. The accents themselves form the basic jazz ride cymbal time pattern while the eighth-note fill-ins add a sense of forward movement that sounds great when applied to the drumset in jazz and other styles.

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Video Lesson
Practice this exercise for speed on a single drum. Start slowly and gradually increase your speed each day while attempting to keep your arms, hands, wrists, and fingers as loose and relaxed as possible. In a future lesson we'll apply this to the entire drumset.

Reverse Hands For Additional Practice
Once you can perform the written exercise cleanly and up to speed, try practicing the same exercise with the sticking reversed. If you find you're having trouble playing the accents cleanly and without getting tense, check out my Web site at http://www.TensionFreeDrumming.com.

Feel free to email questions on this month's lesson to me at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

If you are having trouble playing tension free, visit my Web site at TensionFreeDrumming.com For free drum lessons, and expert drumming advice, visit www.TigerBill.com

Until next time: Have fun and stay loose!

Tiger Bill Meligari

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