Corky Gainsford: Fate Is Your Enemy

Corky Gainsford of Otherwise demos the tune "Fate Is Your Enemy" off the group's highly acclaimed sophomore album Peace At All Costs. This is the second of five lessons we'll present with Corky, focused on learning songs. Listen to "Love And War" and "Fate Is Your Enemy" in the Spotify playlist at the end of the article.

Previous lesson Love And War

Corky was the drummer with The Blue Man Group in Las Vegas for a decade before joining Otherwise. With them he performed on The Tonight Show, The Carson Daly Show, The Latin Grammy Awards, Coachella, and the Stadium of Fire Festival. Before moving to Las Vegas, Corky earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in Music, Science and Technology at Stanford University (focusing on music theory, recording, and production). His education has paid off by helping him place his compositions in motion pictures (The Stepfather), and other programming.