Libor Hadrava Rhythm Quiz: November

Libor Hadrava Rhythm Quiz: November

Our October Quiz was just a little bit harder it seems.

How many different Double Stroke rolls could you play on
A: An Eight note
B: A Quarter note

DRUM! Notation Guide

A: The correct answer is 5 and 7 stroke roll.
Rudimental double stroke rolls are notated as 1/32nd notes. Slashes across the stem of the note represent the 1/32nd note abbreviation. Therefore, a quarter note has three of them and our eighth note has only two slashes across the stem. Now, how many different groups of 1/32nd notes can you fit into an eighth note? An eighth note is as long as two sixteenth notes and by doubling those we get four 1/32nd notes, plus the note after makes it a 5 stroke roll.

You can also fit a 1/16th note triplet into the eighth note and when you double each note you will get a 1/32nd note sextuplet and combined with the single note at the end it will make it a 7 stroke roll.

Can you have a 9 stroke roll on this eighth note? No, because a 9 stroke roll has eight notes plus the one it ends on. What value happens eight times in an eighth note? Yes, those are 1/64th notes and not 1/32nd notes as written.

B: Unfortunately nobody got the bonus question correct and because of that I will give my book to the winner of our bonus question this month instead. The correct answer was 9, 11, 13, and 15 stroke roll. Now you probably know why and how.

A 9 stroke roll is the most obvious out of all the possibilities. A quarter note could be subdivided into four 1/16th notes and when you double those you will get eight 1/32nd notes plus the note ending the roll will make it a 9 stroke roll.

You can also fit a 1/16th note quintuplet inside the quarter note and when you double it and add the quarter note ending the roll again you will get an 11 stroke roll.

You can also fit a 1/16th note sextuplet and therefore get a 13 stroke roll on the quarter note.

… and you can also squeeze a 1/16th note septuplet and get 15 stroke roll on the quarter note. What about a 17 stroke roll? A 17 stroke roll would be in 1/64th notes (eight 1/32nd notes in a quarter note) as appose to 1/32nd notes as notated so that won't work.

November Quiz: In order to win great prizes you have to submit your answers to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

A: What note is shorter (faster) than an eight note but also longer (slower) than a single note from eight note triplet?

Any correct answer that you submit will get you a chance to win.

Bonus question for this month:
B: How many note values can you find fitting the criteria? Name them all in your email response.

The winner of the bonus question will also get the PDF of my book "In-Depth Rhythm Studies – Advanced Metronome Functions" that has been endorsed by Mike Mangini, Rod Morgenstein, Skip Hadden, Dave DiCenso and Jon Hazilla to name a few.