Mike Cosgrove Does Some Tom Bashin’

Tom Bashin’

We’re gonna beat on the toms! Lots of rock songs use toms to push the groove with a warmer and fatter dynamic. Here are some grooves that primarily involve the toms. Be sure to play the notes cleanly: You want to really drive the songs with each groove.

Many of the patterns shown here are just building blocks for you to be creative. Some of the patterns sound better at faster tempos, some are better slower, but all can be played at any tempo. In Ex. 4, keep sixteenth-notes strong and even between your right hand and right foot so that it doesn’t sound “flammy.” In Ex. 3, Ex. 7, and Ex. 8, try to open up or separate the flams a bit more to fatten the beat when hitting high and low toms together with right and left hand. Play with a metronome and try to keep time with your left foot.

Good luck!

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