Tom Brechtlein: Bad-Ass Fills

Hey folks, how’s it going? I’ve been checking into some Elvin Jones and some Tony Williams again and I found some fills for you. I figured I would give you some simple forms of these so you can understand the concept and go from there. I guess you could call them “even groupings in basic odd time.” I don’t really know what to call them, I just know how they sound.

Ex. 1 is the basic idea. It’s just an exercise to get you moving around the kit and get your arms and legs used to this feel. Ex. 2 and Ex. 3 show you what you can do with this idea. These fills should be played at medium to medium-slow tempos. That’s where they make sense. You can use them in a half-time shuffle or in a medium tempo Elvin-type groove. If you don’t know who Elvin Jones is, you should check him out. He is bad-ass. Check out his groove and that’s basically how these fills should be played. Use these examples as a starting point, then run with it!

DRUM! Notation Guide

tom brechtlein