Tom Brechtlein: Balancing Act

Tom Brechtlein: Balancing Act

Hey folks! I’m in Copenhagen right now, on tour with Natalie Cole, and I’m having a lot of fun. I’m in my hotel room writing out some more stuff that will make you think, "Wow! He’s certainly got a lot of time on his hands!"

These examples are some exercises in balance and control on the kit between your upper and lower body parts. Ex. 1 obviously starts with just bass drum and hi-hat played with the foot. On Ex. 2 you keep your feet going and add the ride pattern. If you have difficulty with this ride pattern go to eighth-notes. If you have difficulty with that, go to quarters. Then work your way back up to the pattern shown in Ex. 2.

We add the snare drum on 2 and 4 in Ex. 3. Again, if you have difficulty at first, break the ride pattern down as previously explained.

Well, I’ve got to go to sound check and get some of that backstage deli platter. Talk to you soon.

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