Tom Brechtlein: Three Fills For Three Limbs

Tom Brechtlein: Fills For Three Limbs

Hey folks! How’s it going? Enough with the small talk. I was listening to this Victor Wooten CD (you know, the bass player who plays with Bela Fleck). You’ve got to check it out, it’s great. It’s called What Did He Say?— some of you have probably heard it already. The drummer on it smokes! His name is J. D. Blair. I was hanging out with a bass-player friend of mine (Myron Dove) and he turned me onto Victor’s two latest CDs. Another CD you have to check out if you haven’t already is The Very Best of Booker T & The MGs. Al Jackson Jr. sounds incredible on it! Just thought I’d pass that along.

Well, what I just told has almost no connection with what I’m going to show you. But hey! It’s all about music — I hope. Right?

Okay, here’s what I’ve got for you this time. These are what I call fills with bass drum, hi-hat, and snare (what a creative name!). Anyway, here they are. Remember, make it musical. Don’t play like the paper it’s written on. The music’s in you!

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