Tom Brechtlein: Noodles Straight From The Pan

After years of doing sound checks, I’ve had to deal with a lot of down time. Usually I just noodle around and come up with some cool stuff, as well as some not-so-cool stuff.

Here are some things I’ve messed around with that I use in my playing. These things have to do with the interplay between the left foot on the hi-hat and both hands.

If I have totally confused you, let me give you some examples. Ex. 1 shows interplay between the left hand and foot on the hi-hat and the right hand on the cymbal. In Ex. 2, I isolated the cymbal and hi-hat part from Ex. 1. Ex. 3 is a funk-type beat using hi-hat with the foot and the right hand. Ex. 4 is one I haven’t really tried yet (maybe you guys can find some use for it. Maybe not!). Ex. 5 is one that I try to use sometimes in a slow rock shuffle (really ghost that ghost note!).

It’s always cool to noodle around during any kind of down time (as long as it’s not interrupting anybody). It’s always a good time to come up with some new tricks for the bag.

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Tom Brechtlein

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