Tom Brechtlein: Playing Sevens On Caffeine

Tom Brechtlein: Playing Sevens On Caffeine


Me again. Well, I’m here in Germany on the road with Robben Ford. We’re having a lot of fun out here. Right now I’m sitting on the bus with Robben’s manager and guitar tech discussing what this particular article should be about.

Some of the topics we’ve come up with are: 1) The proper way to do laundry on tour. 2) How to get rid of your spare foreign change (you can’t change coins). 3) The art of making sandwiches and brewing coffee in a moving tour bus.

No, I think I’ll just show you another common way of grouping seven over four. One way is to divide the seven into two groups of two and one group of three. In other words, you accent the beginning of each grouping like you see in Ex. 1.

The next way of grouping seven is also nice. I really like to use this grouping. It’s divided into one group of three and one group of four. Again, you accent the beginning of each grouping, as in Ex. 2. To apply Ex. 2 to the drums, you can use the old left-hand accents on the high tom, right hand accents on the low tom routine, like in Ex. 3.

Ex. 4 is a little bit more involved. It uses flams between the tom of your choice and the snare drum. I’d advise working out the sticking on the snare drum first.

So there you have it folks. Hopefully you can use these in your musical vocabulary. Got to go now. It’s my turn to make the coffee.

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