Tom Brechtlein: Slushy Hat Tricks

Tom Brechtlein: Slushy Hat Tricks

I was working out in my drum room, messing around with a few things, and I came up with some ideas using an open hi-hat that are pretty fun to play. These examples may seem hard to play at first, but just take them slowly and they’ll get harder and you’ll want to curse me out for writing them!

Just kidding! Take it slowly at first. Work on it until you feel comfortable. Then go to a slightly faster tempo and practice at that tempo until you feel comfortable.

Ex. 1 is played just using the hi-hat. Ex. 2 uses the ride cymbal with the right hand along with the left foot and the left hand playing the hi-hat. Ex. 3 uses open hi-hat played with the right hand and left foot.

Well, there you have it folks. I hope you can use these in your vocabulary. After you get these down, make your own variations. Thanks for reading! All the best!

Tom Brechtlein
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