Tre Cool: Prime Cuts From Uno

tre cool

The release of a new Green Day record is clearly a big event and maintaining security is a major concern of every record company today, so much so that I only learned after listening to the heavily encrypted and covertly named press stream that the actual name of this album is ¬°Uno!, the first in their three-part release-o-rama. Of course, you, dear reader, are way ahead of me by now. Like previous Green Day releases the tunes are catchy and Tré Cool’s drumming is as energetic as always. His creative interplay with the vocal parts is a hallmark of his style.

“Nuclear Family”
In the second verse of this song Cool uses a staple technique of punk drumming: riding the floor tom. In the second line he plays an interesting figure that may look a little odd but it’s a great drum hook that follows the vocal rhythm perfectly. This attention to detail has made him one of the richest drummers in the world.

DRUM! Notation Guide

tre cool

“Kill The DJ”
Well, at least maim him. The tune aptly starts with straight quarter-notes, which coincidentally are the rhythms DJ’s best comprehend. Cool’s verse groove is a two-handed hi-hat groove that omits a sixteenth-note on the e of 1 and the e of 3. At the chorus, Cool plays the semimoronic four-on-the-floor disco/techno/house beat that we’ve probably all come to hate – but which fits the lyrics perfectly.

tre cool
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