Matt Byrne: Triple Shot Of Triplets

Triple Shot Of Triplets

Time to tackle the concept of triplets. The first set of exercises (Ex. 1) concentrates on improving the speed of your hands. Begin the roll with alternate sticking but then double up on one hand for the second half of each measure. This improves the strength and endurance of your weak hand. Don’t let your feet trip you up in the last two measures.

The next set of exercises (Ex. 2) consists of basic triplet combinations around the kit. Any Led Zeppelin fans out there? This is Bonham’s trademark stuff! Work on a clean, continuous flow and remember to start slowly until comfortable, gradually working up to speed.

Finally we turn triplets into simple beats between hi-hat, snare, and bass drum (Ex. 3). Remember that equal spacing and steady tempo are far more important than speed. If you practice these beats regularly and with good spacing, the speed will seem to develop without effort. Right- and left-hand notes are indicated. If you’re a righty, try starting with your left hand and vice versa.

Matt Byrne
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